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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School


Our writing lead is Mrs Sheehan who is incredibly passionate about children's writing.  She works closely with the phonics and reading leads to ensure that she fosters and maintains pupils interest in writing.  

Writing Intent - why we teach what we teach

Intent at West Didsbury CE Primary School, the teaching of writing is of paramount importance within a broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that every child within our school, regardless of background and potential difficulty, leaves our school as a competent writer and with an understanding of the conventions of Standard English and when to use it effectively. This ability to write with confidence for a range of purposes and audiences ensures that children leave West Didsbury CE Primary  fully prepared for their secondary education, ready to achieve their aspirations and thrive in their adult life. The writing curriculum at West Didsbury CE  encourages children to immerse themselves in different text types, understand the features and impact of these, and realise the importance of them beyond education. A secure knowledge of spelling and grammar and an understanding of how to edit writing is taught throughout the school in a systematic and progressive way. The content of writing lessons is planned to build on children’s previous knowledge as well as introduce new learning in a fun and memorable way. Children leave West Didsbury CE Primary  with a deep understanding of different text types and how to construct them effectively with clear purpose.