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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School

Pupil voice

After an exciting first year of Talk For Writing, please see below view points from some of our children.

What have you enjoyed learning about in English?



"I have enjoyed learning new things. I like improving my writing. I have enjoyed my hot task which was a quest tale. The characters were going on an adventure. I enjoy learning the actions and boxing up really helps you when you are doing the hot task." Johan - Year 2

"I have really enjoyed the big pieces of writing! I love the hot task because I can use my imagination. I like fiction and non -fiction. I like learning something new in non- fiction. I love learning the text together, learning the actions. It is fun to do it with the class. I get to practice at home and put on a show for my mum and dad. I like how confident I feel in the hot task at the end." Rea - Year 3

"I have enjoyed writing stories and lots of different texts. It is really fun to use your own ideas. I like learning a story and retelling it independently. It helps me to know a story so I can write another one."  Vincent - Year 3

What to do if you don’t understand the work?

"When we start a new text we write the words we are not sure of and Miss Davies then shows us what it means with a picture and that really helps me.

I can ask Miss Davies for help at any time." Maysa - Year 4

"3 before me. Get up use a dictionary. Ask my partner and then ask teacher." Rishi - Year 4

Can you tell me about some of the new skills you have learned in English?

"I have learned how to make my writing better. I can go back and look for speech marks and punctuation if I have missed it."  Rupert - Year 2

"I have been learning how to write wishing tales. We have been learning about new speaker new line. I learnt how to write a persuasive letter. I can create a toolkit for different types of stories. I know what the present perfect tense is." Vincent - Year 3