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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School

Pupil Voice

We value the views of pupils and regularly ask groups of children about their experiences of Maths at West Didsbury CE Primary. Here are some of our children's opinions about maths from our most recent pupil voice meetings.

Year 3

“I like learning new methods. They are not easy but they are useful. I also like the ways we remember the methods – like frog for counting up and chunky chimp for division!”

“I like learning about fractions because it makes you think. I enjoy maths, and I’m good at it, but I could get even better.”

“When I don’t understand something, I use resources like 100 squares, base 10, number lines or coins to try to work it out. Sometimes I make “marvellous mistakes” but when I make progress, I feel proud of myself.”

Year 4

“We evaluate our work by talking to our partners, and going through our work. This makes me feel more confident.”

“I enjoyed playing interactive games and using paper shapes and mirrors for geometry. I also liked learning about decimals and line graphs because they were new challenges.”

Year 5 

“We have used counters, digit cards and tape measures. We use whiteboards a lot, so we can work with our partners. I feel a bit nervous about maths, but I am getting better at it.”

“It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes – it’s how hard you try! We learn from our mistakes so we challenge ourselves. We use “3 before me – our brains, the boards and our buddies” to work independently.