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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School


Intent- The music curriculum will engage and inspire children to develop a love of music. They will be able to develop a talent as musicians, at all levels, increasing their self-confidence and musical ability, being able to express themselves through music.

Implementation - We will implement this by using a combination of listening to and creating many genres of music, developing an understanding of music from different cultures both past and present. Teaching will give children the opportunity to explore a variety of instruments and to find their own personal musical preferences. They will have opportunities to compose music with their voices, instruments and technology- in turn, increasing their understanding of music theory. They will have the chance to perform to others. All children will have the chance to learn to play the steel pans and the ukulele. There are opportunities to play in the string band and to join the choir as well as a range of individual private music lessons with a range of instruments.

 Impact - The impact of this music curriculum is that children will be musically literate, their lives will be enriched and they will be inspired to further explore the world of music and the creative and expressive opportunities that it offers. They will also be equipped to take on new musical experiences and challenges in the next stage of the educational journey.  The children’s learning journey in music is assessed each term using the current assessment framework, it will be evidenced in performance, in book scrutiny  and reported on formally to parents at the end of each academic year.  The progress of each child will be tracked throughout their time at West Didsbury CE Primary.