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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

Intent - Our MFL curriculum is designed to inspire the children to communicate in another language but it will also develop their knowledge of different cultures.  The children will be provided with enriching opportunities to practise their language skills in a range of contexts and to motivate them and encourage new ideas and ways of thinking by celebrating different cultures.

Implementation - The curriculum will be delivered through the learning of Spanish, by giving the children opportunities to express themselves through discovering great literature in Spanish, developing writing skills for purpose, communicating through questions and discussions, and by listening to a range of authentic and diverse accents and situations. We aim to develop whole school approaches and enrichment days to continue to inspire and provoke interest. In the Early Years and KS1 children will learn through songs and rhymes and will immerse themselves in the language through watching and hearing the Spanish language being spoken, and by speaking simple words and phrases and by recognising some written words. In KS2 this will be developed by learning to write simple words and phrases. We use a scheme of work by Primary Languages Network. Our teachers are able to learn on-the-go, teach interactively, attend CPD events, have the opportunity to practise conversationally and use online resources during class. They also provide the opportunity for staff up-skilling.  Primary Languages Network has given our teachers and pupils confidence to speak another language and our teachers to support the children’s language-learning at home. Since 2018 we have been part of the Erasmus scheme and have been able to give staff an opportunity to experience the Spanish culture and to learn Spanish in Santander. 


 Impact - The children will have the confidence to communicate for practical purposes, be able to understand and express themselves in Spanish, to appreciate great literature and to develop an open mind and an interest in different cultures in the wider world. The attainment in and attitude towards learning a language will be acknowledged through learning journeys, pupil voice, displays, performances and in the annual report to parents.