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West Didsbury CE Primary School

West Didsbury CE Primary School

EYFS - Information about our Reception classes

Reception class information:

Starting school is an exciting time: a time of new experiences, new friends and new places. Our school days provide a secure and anxiety-free environment where your child can play, explore, experiment, investigate and learn. We also encourage the children to acquire skills and knowledge through first-hand experience, gaining a sound understanding of the world around them.

The curriculum for our Reception classes has been developed from many years of outstanding teaching at our sister school, Didsbury CE Primary, and has developed over the last 5 years by our Early Years team. We follow the curriculum from Development Matters and cherish each child as an individual, helping them learn to grow and develop their prime learning areas and specific goals too.

So, what does an actual school day look and feel like? Have a look at our timetable for a typical day.


8.55 am
Children are met by their teachers and brought into school.  For the first few weeks, parents and carers are welcome to stay with their child until they are settled in class. 

9.00 am
Assemble on the carpet for register and whole class carpet time.

9.20 am
Activity time - independent, guided or focused.

10.20 am
Group time - Collective Worship

10.35 am
Play in learning areas, where children can investigate topics and themes.  Sometimes in guided groups with the teacher or teaching assistant.  Also the opportunity for some one-to-one teaching.

11.40 am
Group time; literacy

11.55 am
Lunchtime prayer. Children wash hands, then have lunch.

12.00 pm
Teachers sit and have lunch with the children so that they get to know each other outside the classroom environment. Children have a hot school dinner for free.


1.10 pm
Register then group time; maths

1.25 pm
Children free to play in learning areas inside and outside. This time is dedicated to independent learning and group work, for example: hunting for shapes around the classroom, role playing, reading, art. Everything is focused on making Reception a happy, caring environment where children enjoy learning.

2.45 pm

Group story time/celebration time.  Distribute pictures/bookbags, etc.

Official home time.

Please click on the link to the Reception Guide for more information